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Clínica Oftalmológica de Medellín


“I could not end this year without thanking you, and of course the Medellín Ophthalmology Clinic, are part of the dreams fulfilled in 2018…

Since I was 14 years old I have had to wear glasses, due to myopia that was later combined with astigmatism, and I always had the idea of ​​having surgery one day, however, hearing the bad times and not so successful experiences of some friends scared me.

Years passed, and I did not put such a surgery among my priorities, until my little sister, Zaadita, began to work at the Medellín Ophthalmology Clinic, an institution in which, as she always does, with her sense of belonging she transmitted to me the confidence to undergo the Bilateral PRK-PTK procedure; I must give credit to that affection and professionalism, they were essential to make my decision.

I was pleasantly surprised when I confirmed that warm and familiar atmosphere in the Clinic, from the entrance at the gatehouse, the reception, the attention of the secretary Tatiana, the support of the nurses Jenny and María T, the work of the instrument operator Lina, the Daniel’s charisma in the pharmacy, you as Manager and of course, the professionalism of Doctor Panneso, who has always been ready to answer all my questions and is the orchestra master; all giving very accurate instructions, but above all transmitting the peace of mind that he needed so much. I must confess that my anxiety was at its limit, but when I entered the room and was greeted with a smile and a “don’t worry, everything is going to be fine” I felt a bit of serenity that allowed me to remain calm during the procedure. After going out,

In this sense, I did not want to end the year without giving thanks to the professionals who are part of COM and who have accompanied me during my recovery, I know that I am just one more patient, but I want to recognize the impact of the work that you do every day every day leaves a mark on the life of each patient.

I wish you a prosperous year 2019 and many blessings for you and your families.

Thank you!”


In the last year I have been treated at the clinic for surgery on one of my eyes, different consultations, tests and treatments. I do not want, nor can I let more time pass without expressing my experience with all the personnel with whom I have had contact in this institution. I have no criteria to evaluate the technical aspect of the clinic’s work, but I do have the criteria to evaluate and value the wonderful attention and invaluable care of the group of people who attend there. It is important for me to clarify, we are people who suffer from significant difficulties that overwhelm the being.

Difficult and pleasant to understand as a group of people, with such different responsibilities; surgeons, specialists, nurses, doormen, have reached a degree of awareness of the need that people feel to be treated with love, with respect, with tenderness, with delicacy.

From me and my family, receive my deepest gratitude.


I felt very well cared for, the tone of voice of the nurses and the warmth of the team. I loved that detail of the card and the chocolate, something so small but that makes a difference with other clinics I’ve been to, thank you very much.


In all the employees of the clinic we show warmth in the treatment and attention.


It seems to me that the Clinic provides very good services and attention, punctuality is excellent, things that rarely happen in health services.


I was totally satisfied with the care before, during and after the procedure.


I want to express my love for the way the team of professionals, scientists, nurses and assistants treated me preoperatively, during surgery and postoperatively, since my condition as a critical patient required a group as human and technological as the that I felt at all times that surrounded me. I never saw a rush to leave me, I felt that I was worth a lot as a person and that is a value that not all entities and their human team transcend on a day-to-day basis. I recognize this added value and since I know that it is a natural way of proceeding with conviction, I know that you have been and will be at the service of all your patients.