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Institutional Policies

Clínica Oftalmológica de Medellín

At the Medellín Ophthalmology Clinic, we ensure the safety of our patients through procedures that tend to minimize risks, which is why we have the following prevention mechanisms to avoid the occurrence of adverse events:

The institution is committed to ensuring the standardization of processes, the construction of a safety culture and the provision of human care focused on the user and his family, based on the strengthening of safe processes in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the WHO guidelines, in addition to articulating humanization in the provision of services as a key success factor and differentiator between the institutions of the sector. 

Social Responsibility at the Medellín Ophthalmological Clinic seeks to generate a commitment to different initiatives that contribute to sustainable human development through the generation of social, economic and environmental value, through strategies and actions that expand the opportunities of the ecosystem, of its employees, shareholders, users and community, is articulated with corporate governance and is managed from the daily activities of the institution and the people who make it up.

The institution is committed to our human talent in the promotion and implementation of processes that guarantee entry, evaluation, permanence, motivation, self-care and quality of life at work, in order to generate in them a sense of belonging. against corporate goals. 

The Ophthalmological Clinic of Medellín is committed to providing health services with high quality standards, always seeking to satisfy the needs of our users, through highly qualified, committed and suitable personnel, technology at the forefront of the ophthalmological sector and constantly promoting continuous improvement, safety and humanization of all our patients. 

The Ophthalmological Clinic of Medellín undertakes to provide all the necessary resources to guarantee the protection of all the personal data of natural and legal persons with whom it has a relationship, guaranteeing compliance with legal provisions and compliance with the holders who exercise Your rights. 

The Ophthalmological Clinic of Medellín adopts the Policy of Social Participation in Health as one of the components of the Comprehensive System of Quality Assurance, establishing its commitment to the promotion of citizen participation, incorporating within its processes the procedures and instruments necessary for the formulation, execution and evaluation of institutional plans, programs and projects, with the purpose of institutionalizing regular practices of citizen inclusion that contribute to organizational development.